Hicks Carpet Cleaning is licensed to apply flea treatment

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Hicks Carpet Cleaning is licensed to apply flea treatment

Hicks Carpet Cleaning is licensed to apply effective treatments to address flea infestations etc which is often a requirement of an end of tenancy agreement. It is a legal requirement for any person offering a professional service. The law governing this procedure is the control of pesticides regulations 1986.  If you require a professional service then it is illegal for an individual to offer this paid service without having received the formal training and acquired the appropriate license.  Hicks Carpet Cleaning can undertake this chemical treatment and you have the satisfaction that this procedure will be undertaken properly, according to the law and that your health and safety will be treated with the utmost importance.  Do not risk putting this type of service in the hands of inexperienced cow boys who flagrantly flaunt the law by failing to have undertaken the correct training and obtained the necessary certificate. A copy of my certificate can be produced on request should this be required.

I also provide the following guidance for my customers to ensure that they are made fully aware of health and safety best practice –


Dear Customer

Please read the following information as it contains important advice for your safety.

Your carpets are being treated with an effective pesticide to prevent and eradicate any potential flea infestations.

Under the provisions of the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986 (C.O.P.R)  Hicks Carpet Cleaning ( Graeme Hicks)  has received the appropriate training and is approved under license to use pesticides as part of his work, for the control and treatment of Textile Insects Pests, which include beetles, moths, fleas etc.

The treatment will involve spraying a pesticide on your carpets which is hazardous.

It is therefore extremely important for your health and safety during the spraying process that you remain outside of the property until such time as the process in completed and ideally the carpets fully dried, to prevent toxic fumes from being inhaled and to mitigate the potential absorption of insecticide through the skin.

It is equally important that your pets are kept away from the treatment area until such times as the carpets are fully dried.

To prevent fleas infesting your pet please seek professional advice from your vet.