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Red wine split on carpetCarpet and rug cleaning

Prolong the life of your rugs and carpets by having them professionally cleaned, on a regular basis by Hicks Carpet Cleaning. I will blast away those unsightly stains and the underlying dirt and grim that lies deep within the carpet pile.  Give me an opportunity to eradicate those unpleasant microscopic bugs, which all too often take residence in our rugs and carpets with my Enforcer Carpet Cleaner and my V2 Steam Mate.  Let me restore and revitalise your carpets and rugs to their former glory. Give me a call today for a friendly and professional service.

Furniture/upholstery cleaning

For a fraction of the cost of a new sofa or chair I can clean those unsightly stains that ruin the appearance of your furniture.  General stains and the soiling from natural oils from human and animal skin can be removed effectively using the right technique.  Give me call and book to have yours cleaned today

Mattress cleaning

We all spend a great amount of our lives curled warmly in our beds, whilst we frequently wash our pillow cases and sheets, many of us never have our mattresses cleaned. Some people rarely even vacuum their mattresses, which is really essential if you want to remove the dead skin cells, which over time, accumulate, and which are constantly being shed from our bodies.  Our dead skin cells provide natural nutrition for the dust mites that  infest our beds.  Allergens in the form of dust mite faeces and mould can cause a number of health issues., including asthma and some skin conditions. Improve your health by eliminating these problems by having your mattresses professionally cleaned and treated by Hicks Carpet Cleaning.

Don’t get enchanted by the spin of the rogue ‘carpet cleaner’

Most of my work comes from recommendation, and that is because I strive in every instance to do a first class job and to keep my customers 100% satisfied. I want to return again and again to clean a customer’s carpet. I certainly do not believe in overcharging people, but I will not claim to be able to clean carpets, mattresses or upholstery on the cheap, because this is not achievable, without compromising heavily on the quality of work. That is something that I am just not prepared to do. I remind you respectfully of the old adage, you get what you paid for. I hope you will agree that these are very wise words.