Carpet Cleaning

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Why have your carpets professionally cleaned?

There are a number of very good reasons why you should have your carpets regularly cleaned.

Firstly, the removal of dirt and grim will significantly increase the life of the carpet.

Secondly, carpets act as air filters trapping debris, dirt and dust particles within the carpet fibres.  If left unchecked then the dirt can become a breading ground for bacteria, with the associated odours.  Unclean carpets really can be detrimental to your health.  So it makes absolute sense to have them cleaned regularly.

Thirdly, many microscopic bugs can take refuge in carpets.  Small areas of unclean carpet can literally harbour thousands of dust mites and many other small creatures, such as flees. Dust mite faeces can have a detrimental effect on asthmatics while fleas lay eggs in carpets, which often result in, flee infestations. Thorough carpet cleaning and a proper treatment can eradicate, or stop this problem from developing.

Finally, as you can see, having your carpets professionally cleaned, on a regular basis can have many benefits.  A small investment now can provide significant long-term savings. Making your carpets last longer is good for your pocket and it means eventually that less is destined for environmentally unfriendly landfill sites.

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