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I now accept Credit Card and Debit Cards for payment.


Hicks Carpet Cleaning providing an unrivalled Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery cleaning service for Cornwall

As an extended service to customers I now accept payment via Credit or Debit cards as well as electonic bank transfer, cash and cheque. This provides another convenient method of payment. Credit cards can be used to spread the costs. This facility is provided by Worldpay and I have card reader which links via blue tooth to my mobilephone. Simply swipe or insert your card, punch in your pin number and payment can be made, both simply and securely. A receipt is then sent via email if you have one.

This method does require an active wifi or mobile internet connection. So it wont work if there is neither in your home or area. I can however also take card payments on the phone should all else fail.

Hicks Carpet Cleaning is committed to 100% customer satisfaction and has an unrivelled reputation in west cornwall. Fully insured and trusted covering Truro, Falmouth, Helston, Redruth, Camborne, Hayle, Penzance and surrounding areas.

Busting the carpet cleaning Myth

Some carpet cleaning companies are promoting the encapsulation method for carpet cleaning because it uses less moisture and therefore the carpets remain relatively dry. What they don’t wish you to know is that it makes them much more money because it takes them much less time but unfortunately you will not get the results that you should expect.

All leading authorities on carpet cleaning, without exception will tell you the the best and the most effective form of carpet cleaning is the the hot water extraction method. This process makes sure that the ingrained dirt, trapped deep within the carpet pile is cleaned and extracted. THIS IS SIMPLY NOT POSSIBLE USING the encapsulation or bonnet cleaning method.

Encapsulation involves spraying the carpet with a special pre-spray which is agitated into the carpet using a rotary machine mounted with a bonnet pad. The bonnet pad scrubs the surface of the carpet and absorbs some of the grime. It has not got the capacity to deep clean and subsequently any heavily soiled carpets will simply not be cleaned properly. Once the remaining fluid dries in the carpet it crystalises and encapsulates some of the remaining dirt which can then be vacuum cleaned away at a later date. Whilst encapsulation has its uses it really cannot be promoted as the effective process that some would wish their customers to believe.

The encapsulation method is a lot quicker method to clean carpets and as already stated it keeps the carpets much drier. Hot water extraction is a lot more labour and time intensive and of course requires much more specialised and expensive equipment, but the results, I can assure you will speak for themselves, every time. The downside is that drying times are longer (usually a couple of hrs) but please believe me it is a price worth paying.

I offer my customers both processes so the decision rests solely with you. You can go for the cheaper much less effective method or the much more professional hot water extraction method which is the one I would always recommend.   There are occasions when a cost effective clean is required to spruce up your carpets and then bonnet cleaning will be acceptable.  Ask me for comparison prices at the time of enquiring. I hope this will help to inform you and to bust the myth that is circulating.

Please feel free to contact me and my promise is that I will always provide you with the best advice and a very competitive quote.

HICKS CARPET CLEANING committed to 100% customer satisfaction covering West Cornwall, TRURO, HELSTON, CAMBORNE, REDRUTH, PENZANCE, FALMOUTH, HAYLE and all surrounding villages.

Hicks Carpet Cleaning Committed to 100% Customer Satisfaction.

End of tenancy carpet cleans are notoriously difficult to price.  The requirement of a tenancy agreement often insists that before a deposit is returned that all the carpets are professionally cleaned.

Unfortunately the tenant is not generally motivated by the quality of work, they more than often will go with the cheapest quote. This usually means hiring a person with inferior equipment, no insurance cover, generally providing a pretty shoddy service  (and believe me there are many fly by nights out there). But hey, why should the tenant worry it’s not their house and as long as they provide the agents with a receipt then they will get their deposit returned.

Conversely, the property owner will look for quality often above price and it unlikely that the cheapjack will get a look in.

I simply do not believe in short cuts and pride myself in providing a top rate quality service, no I am probably not the cheapest but I can honestly say with conviction that my service to my customers is the best to be found.  Please look at my testimonials and reviews which are written all by genuinely satisfied customers.

I am always more than pleased to call around to provide a no obligation quote, or just some friendly advice on all aspects of upholstery, carpet and mattress cleaning it’s all part of the service. I am usually working in either Redruth, Camborne, Helston, Falmouth, Truro, Penzance and anywhere in-between so popping in to have a look at a job is really not a problem



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